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***Please check the now-active rate-change as of June 1, 2013***
This is the first time I've increased rates since I began teaching in Seattle in 2008... not so bad!


Sliding Scale

For standard voice lessons, I charge on a sliding scale.  Due to the various employment situations and levels of income of my students, I have molded my payment scale to accommodate students in all financial states.  My intention lies in educating students to help them achieve their aspirations and not turning an enormous profit, so I'm implementing a system that allows each artist to decide what they are able to pay.  You choose what you want to pay, every lesson, and you can always change the amount you want to pay: The choice is always yours, and there are never any questions asked.

Voice / Piano / or Combo Lessons (both Voice & Piano)

$55 - $80 per hour

Audition Preparation

$60 - $85 per hour

Accompaniment At An Audition

$65 - $90 per hour + parking expenses (this includes travel within Seattle, the performance, and 1 hour of standby time)

Recording, Performance Accompaniment, & Music Direction

These rates are negotiable as no two projects are the same and may require much less or much more time, each are discussed on an individual basis.